Home Amenities For Pets

May 16, 2016

Dogs are treated like a member of the family in many households across the country and remodeling a home with specialized features for our furry friends is becoming much more common. As wkyc.com reports, a recent survey conducted by Houzz.com, an online platform for design and remodeling, showed more than one-third of homeowners have done some sort of pet-related remodeling in the past two years.

We aren’t just talking about doggy doors or a spot to hang the leash, either. Things like suites, washing stations, and feeding zones are finding their way into more and more homes.

Built in food and water bowls with a dedicated pot-filler over the water bowl, rooms with built in beds, and cabinets with the sole purpose of storing dog food are being added to homes across the country. The trend has become so widespread that many builders, including some of the largest in the country such as Toll Bothers and CalAtlantic, are building their new homes with pet-friendly features already included.

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