Home Appliances And Fixtures Are Getting High-Tech Upgrades

June 13, 2017

​With the exception of hardcore​ home decor fanatics, items such as ovens and bathroom mirrors had very little mainstream charm or appeal up until recently.

The Washington Post reports that the Internet and Bluetooth have transformed appliances and fixtures from functional, yet boring, parts of the home to fun and intriguing gadgets that can communicate with each other and make homeowners lives much easier.

Ovens can now be preheated remotely or automatically, and ready for cooking when the user gets back home from work. Mirrors can be fog-resistant, with LED lights and TV monitors installed in them. Fridges have cameras where users can check to see what groceries they are running out of when they are at the store.

More than any other feature in the bathroom, the shower takes center stage when it comes to technology upgrades. Chromotherapy, aromatherapy, steam-integration, body sprays, ceiling water tiles, Bluetooth speaker systems — if you can dream it, you can design it into your shower.

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