Home Builder Assessment Tools for Hiring and TeamBuilding

Last month we reviewed the merits of assessment tools. This month we take a closer look at some of the assessment tools used by home builders across the nation.
By Rodney Hall | March 31, 2007

Last month we reviewed the merits of assessment tools. This month we take a closer look at some of the assessment tools home builders use.

Caliper Profile

The Caliper Profile is a personality assessment instrument that quantifies an individual's competencies and identifies candidates with the strongest potential. Caliper's fundamental premise is that it is more important to determine what someone can do than to rely upon what they have done.

  • Measures strengths, limitations and motivations and offers solid suggestions for improving performance.
  • Can be taken online or on paper.


Bigby Havis Assess

Assess tools measure the individual's work personality and provide feedback regarding the impact of personality on work behavior and competencies. The system integrates measures of work-related personality and intellectual abilities with a structured interview process.

  • Reports are tailored to speak directly to how a candidate's characteristics will help or hinder the display of critical competencies.
  • Assess is a web-based assessment platform.

PSP Metrics

PSP's assessment process is validated for home building. It measures a broad range of dimensions, including the individual's cognitive abilities and skills; work behaviors and habits; motivators; and management style.

  • Offers customized reports with easy-to-understand charts and short narratives. Benchmarks by occupation or industry to predict potential for success. Optional Training Plans and cross-candidate comparisons.
  • Can be taken online or on paper

Berke Profile

The Berke Profile, a web-based assessment platform, is built from more than 25 years of consulting and assessment experience in the home building industry. The Berke is tailored to measure candidate personality traits, behaviors and natural talents against specific position requirements to determine the strength of fit.

  • Easy-to-read reports utilize graphs, and easy-to-read language highlights candidate strengths and weaknesses compared to the position. A succinct list of "probing suggestions" is provided to enable managers to explore areas of mismatch in the context of a structured interview.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI is a personality test designed to assess an individual's personal preferences.

  • The test includes 93 forced-choice questions with only two choices.
  • The results are scored into "type preferences."
  • The MBTI should not be used as part of the hiring process, but rather as a team- building and organizational development tool.

Clifton StrengthsFinder

The Clifton Strengths-Finder is based upon the premise that people progress more rapidly in their areas of greatest talent than in their areas of weakness.

  • The results are immediately tabulated into 34 "themes of talent." The applicant's five most dominant themes are ranked, revealing his/her greatest talents and strengths.
  • It's geared more toward personal development than hiring and selection.

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Rodney Hall is a senior partner with The Talon Group, a leading executive search firm specializing in the real-estate development and home building industries.