This Home Builder Designs for a 'Restorative Effect' on the Planet

November 9, 2017
Pine lumber
Photo: Pixabay

North Carolina-based prefab home builder Deltec's 5,000 homes have all withstood historic storms over the past 50 years. 

Deltec's prefab houses are designed to be more aerodynamic with a circular shape, distributing wind pressure evenly, with roof pitch optimized for wind deflection and reduced lift, per Curbed. Further, the house frames are built using Southern Yellow Pine, with each piece of lumber subjected to an acoustic stress test for density and durability.

Last year, Deltec unveiled a new model home that also serves as a prototyping lab. Outfitted with sensors for heat and moisture levels in the roof and walls, the net-zero house allows engineers to hone in on ways to improve durability and sustainability.

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