Homebuilders Wary Of Trump’s Deportation Plan

Builders in states near the Mexico border rely on experienced Mexican workers for framing, roofing, and drywalling.

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | September 19, 2016
Homebuilders wary of Trump’s deportation plan
Homebuilders wary of Trump’s deportation plan

Donald Trump’s pledge to deport immigrants that are in the country illegally has those in the home-building business concerned. With a shortage of labor, subcontractors have relied on experienced Mexican workers to perform framing, roofing, drywalling, and painting. The labor crunch has been particularly acute in certain states including California, Nevada, and Arizona. An economist notes that a large-scale deportation of construction workers would be devastating for the industry. Conservative estimates put the proportion of construction jobs held by undocumented workers at 14%.

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