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A recent bathroom design trend has homeowners maximizing shower space by sacrificing the home’s only bathtub, but house flippers have their reasons, according to Walk-in showers can transform a standard bath into a relaxing home spa from an aesthetic point of view, and a well-designed shower can be more of a selling point than a shower-tub combo if thoughtfully designed.

Not only do bigger showers boost a home’s resale value, but they’re also more convenient for older homeowners remodeling their bathrooms for accessibility. Still, designers encourage homeowners to hold onto at least one tub in the house for kids, grandchildren, and pets, even if it may only be used by the home’s future owners.

We’re aging as a nation, with the number of folks aged 65 and older slated to more than double in the next 40 years, reaching 80 million in 2040. What’s more, many are choosing to age in place in homes that they then must retrofit to meet their needs. Swapping a shower for a tub fits perfectly into this trend.

Yet many architects and real estate agents alike urge homeowners to keep at least one tub somewhere in the home for practicality’s sake.

“We always suggest keeping at least one tub in the house since it’s great for kids, grandkids, and pets and also for resale,” says Pamela O’Brien, principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs.

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