Housing Giants Goes Electronic

Housing Giants is going electronic. In 2008, the magazine will no longer be published in print, but rather delivered online, via e-mail, 24 times a year. The electronic version will also be far more interactive, allowing readers to instantly respond online to content. And yet, readers will still be able to print it out to read away from the office.
By Bill Lurz | November 30, 2007

It's exhilarating to watch housing executives play with new technology. A breakthrough hand-held can make a builder's eyes light up like a kid's on Christmas morning. Of course, when you watch your kids open presents, that also involves the joy of giving. Well, hold on for a few weeks: We at Housing Giants are going to give you a present, then step back and watch you play with it.

Come February, you'll have an electronic Housing Giants. The format will look exactly like the current print magazine, but it will be delivered online. And it will be light years beyond what we can accomplish in print.

First, our frequency will increase four-fold. Instead of getting the magazine every other month, we'll send it to you via e-mail almost every other week. We'll be faster getting to you the insight and analysis we're known for from the savvy writers and respected columnists you've come to trust.

This enriched media capability will allow us to embed both audio and video files. Instead of only reading what Don Horton expects in 2008, you'll also be able to hear him say it. Rather than only read what Bob Toll plans to do to capitalize on an emerging trend, you may watch a video of him explaining why. That's more than the written word can capture.

We'll embed links in every story to the Web sites of companies involved and to past coverage so you can get a comprehensive package of information.

We love print, and we understand how much our readers enjoy looking at high-resolution photos and holding a magazine in their hands. We know your reading habits — you take Housing Giants with you to read on the plane when you travel and keep it next to your favorite easy chair at home.

Electronic HG can meet this challenge. You can still print it out and take it with you. Moreover, when you see an article you want others to see, you'll be able to e-mail it to them with the click of a mouse.

Because it's interactive, what we publish will never be detached and disinterested. It will come at you with a point of view reflecting the perspective of our audience: the production builders of America. We don't expect all our readers to agree with everything we write. Now, you'll be able to respond immediately, whether you applaud or take issue.

This is the first step into the "Brave New World"— an interactive Housing Giants community — I wrote about in October. After all, we really are all in this together. If you don't believe it, just take a look at the market.

All you need to enroll is an e-mail address. Please visit www.getfreemag.com/gia to make sure you're in, and pass the link to all your key executives.

You won't want to miss this.

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