Houston, Dallas Lead The Nation In Population Growth

Other metros with large average weekly population increases since 2010 include New York City, Atlanta, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale

April 7, 2017

Through data recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Chicago Business Journal reports that Houston and Dallas have each gained an average of around 2,500 in population per week since 2010, by far the largest increases of any metro areas in the nation.

Houston had a population of 5.92 million in April 2010, and that his risen to 6.77 million as of July 2016. The per week change was 2,612. Dallas-Fort Worth went from 6.43 million to 7.23 million in that same time frame, which works out to a 2,474 weekly change.

Other metros with sizable average weekly population increases since 2010 include New York City (1,800), Atlanta (1,542), and Miami-Fort Lauderdale (1,533).

The other metros above the weekly threshold of 1,000 were Washington, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco-Oakland and Austin.

Eleven metros lost population since the turn of the decade, most of which were located in the Rust Belt or Northeast. Cleveland has the largest drop, with a net weekly drop of 66.

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