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By mawardibahar

Construction workers are already familiar with wearing protective clothing and equipment, but the face-mask requirements in many states are providing home builders with new challenges, according to Construction Dive. In areas that were hard-hit by the coronavirus, home builders report that it has been easier to get workers to buy into the new safety requirements, including social distancing. But in areas that have not been greatly affected so far, it can be harder to convince the team that the requirements are necessary. Construction Dive says that steps such as ensuring leadership uses the masks and maintaining clear communication can go a long way in getting worker buy-in.

Just as construction workers adapted to requirements regarding hard hats and safety glasses years ago, new personal protective equipment necessitated by the coronavirus is having an impact on U.S. jobsites.

While protective eyewear, gloves and even Tyvek suits are in use by contractors across the country in an effort to keep workers safe from COVID-19, the most ubiquitous tool for coronavirus protection — face coverings — have led to questions and in some cases, pushback, from workers who say they are uncomfortable and hot.

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