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An in-person visit to home building company Classic Homes, in Colorado Springs, Colo., by home building consultants at Shinn Consulting illustrates how Classic Homes strives for management excellence and works to build a culture of trust with builders and trades. Construction manager Jim McCrary lead the two-day visit, in which he showed how he has been training builders in “the Classic Homes way” and reinforcing a standard of excellence based on leadership and discipline.

In addition to being in the business of building homes, Jim is in the business of building people. His focus is on people and relationships. He takes the time to truly know his builders in order to showcase their strengths and help them work on their weaknesses. Taking advantage of teachable moments with finesse is his specialty. I’ve never seen anyone be so successful at answering questions with questions.

Jim’s ability to lead people is impressive. He teaches his builders “Builder of Choice” qualities and how to build solid relationships with the trades because he understands the role respect and rapport play in delivering a quality product. He holds his builders accountable and ensures they understand the responsibility they carry within the organization.

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