How Kids Change the Homebuying Process

June 12, 2019
mom with son
Photo: Unsplash/Jenn Evelyn Ann

Having children can drastically influence homebuyers' budgets and wish lists, Zillow reports.

 Buyers with children at home are more likely to go over budget (25.7%) than those without (21.2%), perhaps to attain the location and amenities on their long wish lists.

Still, the majority of buyers with kids at home stay within their budgets (74.3%), often because they make compromises. Two-thirds (66.5%) made some type of compromise to stick with their budgets, considerably more than the 51.6% of buyers without kids.

Among parents who made such a compromise, the top ones were increasing their commute (34.1%), purchasing a home without their desired finishes (32.7%) and purchasing a smaller home than planned (31.2%).

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