How to Sell a Home From a Floor Plan

April 13, 2020
Floor plans
By torsakarin

With the coronavirus limiting in-person interactions that potential buyers can have with a home, builders and sales consultants must become familiar with using floor plans to sell a home online. Housing Design Matters shares how thinking like an architect can help builders use floor plans effectively: The trick is to focus on the relationships between rooms and the furniture within them. By highlighting how close the bathroom is to the bedroom or how much room there is in the master bedroom even after adding a king-sized bed, builders can put their best foot forward in these challenging times. 

In today’s crazy pandemic world, selling new homes is rapidly changing. Suddenly, every sales consultant must be good at selling online from floor plans. And let’s be honest, reading floor plans is a developed skill – not acquired at birth. And while sales consultants may think they’re good at reading and understanding floor plans – selling from them is an entirely new expertise. The next tricky part is helping buyers read and understand floor plans. You must assume they can’t read your floor plans without making them feel stupid. It is important for buyers to understand your floor plans, but ultimately you want them to envision themselves living in them. That’s powerful stuff.


First and foremost, a floor plan is an artificial construction. No one ever views a home from a drone with its roof torn. It is a paradigm shift to look at plan and imagine how the space will live or function. And since architects are in the business of “selling” our designs in 2-d, we’ve developed a few tricks that I’d like to pass along. We focus on room relationships – how we flow from one room to another; how close the bathrooms are to the bedroom; the view from the front door all the way through the house to the view beyond. Focusing on relationships allows the client to make the cerebral shift from 2-D to 3-D.

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