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By F8studio

The coronavirus is accelerating some multifamily health and wellness trends that were on track before the pandemic began, but it may also bring back some design details such as balconies that were going out of style. Before, an outdoor area may have seemed useless without a view, but now apartment dwellers are finding themselves desperate for any space outside of their units' walls even if they're looking at another brick wall. And multifamily developers are now brainstorming ways to add flexibility, increase indoor air quality, and incorporate grocery stores to improve the tenants’ lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced residents to look at a number of their everyday experiences — including the way they live. In residences such as single-family homes or townhomes, residents may be looking to incorporate spaces such as home offices and exercise rooms to be able to remain productive while safely in place. In multifamily developments, however, there are additional components to consider when attempting to follow important health guidelines.

The areas of real change will occur based on two components: health and safety protocols, and consumer demands. Building codes may dictate some changes for the former, while the latter may affect more of the design and functionality of living spaces. In many cases, health and wellness trends will accelerate what was already occurring in the market — whether it’s a rise or a decline.

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