Ignore the mainstream media, just sell homes

New home sales consultant Gian Hasbrock says that the way to win during these seemingly dark hours of the housing industry is to keep a positive attitude, ignore the negative reports of the mainstream media, and just sell homes.
By By Felicia Oliver, Senior Editor | December 31, 2007
Builders: Step it up on the Web
Sales, Marketing and the Builders' Show, Oh My!

The climb of median home sales prices reversed in 2006 as home sales took a downturn.
It's a frontal assault: many news outlets are confidently advising — and sometimes screaming — that now is not the time to buy a new home. New home sales consultant Gian Hasbrock's advice is to ignore the doubters, because the best tool a new homes agent has is a positive attitude.

"Sixty years ago as our soldiers landed on the shores of France at Omaha Beach, they were under orders to maintain their positions on the beach, even though they were sitting ducks," says Hasbrock. "The ships that brought them across the English Channel also had their orders to not get so close to shore that the ships themselves would be jeopardized by the German minefield and shoals. But their guns were out of range of the German machine gun nests in their 'safe' position. On D-Day, our soldiers and our ships' captains disobeyed orders, and as a result we are not all speaking German.

"Now it's H-Hour (Home-Hour) and it's time for new home salespeople to step up and disobey the orders of the media that it is a terrible time to buy a home. Just like the G.I.s did the job that had to be done, our job is clear. Let's get it done."


Builders: Step it up on the Web

According to a recent survey, home builders allocate less than one fifth of their marketing budgets to Internet-based media, while online consumers spend one half of their time using online media such as builder Web sites and the like.

Source: www.nahb.org.

Sales, Marketing and the Builders' Show, Oh My!

53: Sales and marketing seminars offered at the Builders' Show this year

20: Builders' Show Presenters and speakers with MIRM (Member, Institute of Residential Marketing) attached to their name

3: Seminars at the Builders' Show dealing specifically with marketing on the Web. They are: "From Mouse to House: Reinvent Your Sales Process;" "Online Marketing Tips and Tools for Custom and Small Volume Builders;" and "Pay Per Click Strategies."

1: There is one advanced class in this year's Builders' Show: "The X Factor: Do You Have Sales Superpowers?" Hear Meredith Oliver, CSP, MIRM, and Jeff Kaizer, MIRM, on Feb. 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in South 330 E-H.

10: Classes offering strategies and tips for survival and success

2: Offerings of the seminar "108 Marketing Ideas for the Year 2008." The first one is on Feb. 15 from 3:30–5:00 p.m. and the second on Feb. 16 from 10:30 a.m. to noon.


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