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Roofing manufacturer Iko recently introduced Nordic, a laminated asphalt shingle line.

The new product line features a combination of heavy-duty features to attain high wind and impact resistance. A coating of polymer-modified asphalt absorbs shock from hail and other objects, giving the shingles a Class 4 impact rating. The material also features sealant strips to help bond shingles together and to protect against wind uplift and water penetration.

Shingles each feature a 1 ¼- inch reinforced nailing surface to resist nail pull-through or shingle blow-off. They are designed to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

IKO Nordic roofing shingles

“An extension of our Armourzone performance platform, Nordic shingles not only feature the rare combination of a reinforced nail zone and impact resistance, but they also achieve a high-definition appearance through IKO’s color-blending technology,” says Mark Okland, a product development manager for Iko in North America. “Now, customers can have the high-end look they desire with the performance features they need to keep their homes safe.”

Nordic shingles are available in nine dimensional colorways, with deep shadow bands for visual texture. Hues range from reddish brown to blueish gray.


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