Industry group critical of new OSHA workplace injury tracking rule

Critics say OSHA has the power to disseminate records and data that fail to show the complete narrative of a company’s safety record.

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | June 20, 2016

An industry trade group warned that OSHA’s newly released final rule on Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, commonly referred to as “electronic recordkeeping” would have unintended consequences.

“Associated Builders and Contractors is committed to working with our members and OSHA to create safe construction work environments,” said ABC Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Workforce Development Greg Sizemore. “However, in departing from its current ’no fault’ recordkeeping system, OSHA has empowered itself to disseminate records and data to the public that fails to show the complete narrative of a company’s safety record or its efforts to promote a safe work environment.”

The requirement could also provide competitors would sensitive information such as the number of hours worked by employees on a project.



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