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Photo: Unsplash/Samuel Zeller
This article first appeared in the October 2018 issue of Pro Builder.

Marketing firm Marketshare, which focuses its services on home builders, has launched Salesbox, a customizable, mobile, reusable reinforced shipping container for builders to use as a turnkey on-site sales center.

Measuring 20 feet by 8 feet, a Salesbox can be assembled and installed over the course of several hours and is designed to reduce waste and save space and time. Marketshare delivers the unit to the development site “fully accessorized,” including a builder’s unique branding information, and, “plug-in ready,” according to the company’s press statement on the product launch.

Shawn Oliver, Marketshare’s director of business development and client services, cites the company’s 30 years’ experience working with builders as part of its “natural progression and evolution [toward] Salesbox,” adding, “Salesbox solves the builder’s situational needs for a sales center without sacrificing state-of-the-art quality.”

Included in each Salesbox unit are a heating and cooling system, wall and ceiling insulation, lighting, a 125-amp electrical power panel, an alarm system, and custom flooring and cabinetry, along with a site-map table, seating, and sales desk. A custom awning can be added, as can a touch screen digital kiosk.

Salesbox will be showcased from Feb. 19 through 21 in Las Vegas at the 2019 International Builders’ Show.