Japanese Wet Rooms and Other Top 2020 Bathroom Trends

February 3, 2020
modern bathroom
By slavun

The ever-evolving master bath is one of the most exciting spaces for interior design. In 2020, the bathroom will be all about a streamlined look with linear drains, no-threshold showers, smaller tubs, and wall-hanging toilets. Some fan-favorites such as floating vanities will stick around, but only time will tell if newer trends such as the Japanese wet room and European-style cement tiles will have staying power in America. Find out what trends will be hot this year, and pick out a few to try in your new homes. 

Here’s what several top designers in the D.C. region and two national experts had to say about the latest bathroom design trends.

Tubs, once banished from the master bathroom, have made a comeback. But not every bathroom has room for a large, free-standing basin. Enter Japanese soaking tubs, also known as ofuro tubs. They are smaller and deeper than a standard bathtub and have a bench seat.

“Gone are the days of big bulky tubs that collect dust,” Alexandria Hubbard of Case Design/Remodeling said. “When people do take baths, they want the ultimate spa experience. People love the small, unique look of the Japanese soaking tub. They take up less space in the bathroom, come in multiple different finish options, and even will help save on you water bills as they consume less water.”

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