Jim Chapman Homes launches new 55+ project with unique door hardware

By Jim Chapman Homes | May 27, 2020
1660 Nestledown Drive

Jim Chapman is recognized as Atlanta’s premier 55 plus homebuilder and is always looking for innovative products that offer features and functionality for the active adult without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Brink’s Push Pull Rotate door locks, the first knobs and levers that open three ways are designed to improve the way homeowners open doors.  Push Pull Rotate door locks make opening doors easier whether your hands are full or free. A quick bump with an elbow or hip, or a tug with a single finger can open interior or exterior doors more easily and without painful grasping and turning.  Although the Push Pull Rotate locks are easier to use, they still stay closed and locked when the user wants them to be, exactly as a “traditional” lock does. Push Pull Rotate levers are ADA-compliant.

In addition to a wide range of architectural styling, the products meet rigorous ANSI Grade 2 residential testing standards. Featuring durable, all-metal construction, Push Pull Rotate products are built on a cylindrical chassis normally used in commercial applications so they are exceptionally durable and come with a lifetime warranty.Les Blythe owner of Final Hardware Installers in Lawrenceville, Georgia did the install and although installation is different than the typical residential tubular lock, it is still easy with a cylindrical chassis and the door prep is the same.  

“In developing the Push Pull Rotate line, we started with a blank slate and the idea that there must be a better way to open a door. What we created is a complete line of door locks that meets a builder’s desire to differentiate themselves from everything else that is out there but without increased costs.  Besides the functionality and styling, we’ve also included thoughtful design features into the line such as flat areas on the knobs for pushing, hidden screws for enhanced appearance, and multiple security components in the locks to deter thieves,” said Tim Regan, Vice President of Marketing, Hampton Products International.

“There are hundreds of scenarios where having a door lever or knob you don’t have to turn to open is an advantage, whether your hands are full or free. Push Pull Rotate is simply a better and easier way to open a door.”

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