Jobsites Not Complying With COVID-19 Guidelines Risk Large Fines From Cities, OSHA

July 22, 2020
Group of three construction workers wearing masks
By Supachai

Cities are cracking down on contractors not complying with COVID-19 jobsite guidelines. In New York City, Texas, and Maryland, officials have been open with their threats: no mask, no job. Violators are given time to adjust to the fairly new guidelines in some areas, but now officials are threatening to close construction sites and issue hefty fines, according to Construction Dive. It’s not just city officials though, the public has reported violations to the city since March. New York City residents filed 6,127 complaints against contractors through their nonemergency system. OSHA is not holding back either, having already charged a fine of $13,494 for noncompliance during the construction of Nevada's Allegiant Stadium.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge across some parts of the country, jurisdictions are cracking down on construction firms that don’t follow jobsite guidelines for social distancing, handwashing and other coronavirus-related precautions.

Many areas have given 30-day grace periods as businesses learned about the new rules, but now some building departments have indicated the time for leniency is over. In places like New York City, Austin, Texas, and Montgomery County, Maryland outside of Washington, D.C., officials spoke out last week to put noncomplying contractors on notice. 

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