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Plumbing manufacturer Kallista teamed up with kitchen designer Mick De Giulio for its latest Juxtapose kitchen faucet collection featuring two new technologies.

The collection focuses on its mixed metal combinations and slim silhouettes, the company says. Juxtapose features three faucets, one wall-mounted pot filler, and a soap/lotion dispenser. Along with the faucets, Kallista debuted a cold-water contemporary filter faucet, which will become a part of the Foundations Collection.

“One of the biggest movements in kitchens over the past 20 years has been the continuing evolution of open plan kitchens and connected spaces,” says De Giulio. “In general, there is less formality in people’s lives and that has led to fewer walls and barriers within our homes. The faucets were designed to meld into spaces that are open and viewable from other areas, so a lot of emphasis was paid to the personality and look of the faucets.”

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This contemporary filter faucet comes in a slim, minimalist style that Kallista says pairs well with the Juxtapose line. It requires a water filtration system and comes in chrome, brushed nickel, unlacquered brass, polished nickel, or stainless steel.

For the Juxtapose collection, the single-hole semi-professional faucet, single-hole bar faucet, and wall-mount pot filler come in a palette of polished chrome, stainless steel, and matte black, which are mixed with polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed moderne brass, or matte black accents. All finishes are created through physical vapor deposition, or PVD, to ensure longevity.

Not all Juxtapose offerings feature mixed metals, though. Only one bar faucet comes in a mix of brass and matte black, and the same can be said for the semi-professional faucets.


Kohler brass black kitchen faucet

In addition, Kallista’s parent company, Kohler, released two new faucet technologies with this collection, Sweep Spray and Boost.

Sweep Spray allows for powerful cleaning abilities, the company says. Angled nozzles allow for water to spray forcefully in a wide stream. Boost, just as the name says, boosts the intensity of water flow by 30%. Both of these sprays can be toggled with user-friendly buttons on the rear of the faucet. A third function, aerate, can provide an even stream by aerating the water flow.

De Giulio previously partnered with Kallista for its Multiere, Soltiere, and Bacifiore kitchen sinks. In 2019, the Merchandise Mart Hall of Fall welcomed the internationally recognized kitchen designer.


wall mounted pot filler

The designers intention for the new products was to produce a modern faucet design with impressive functionality and without a stale, coldness sometimes perceived from modern design.

“The challenge is always beauty and function,” says De Giulio. “A faucet with extended reach is very important in order to best work with larger sinks like the Multiere. A stronger and more flexible spraying function was also something I wanted to incorporate. The proportions were critical. I’ve had clients who would say they don’t want a large industrial looking faucet in the middle of their beautiful kitchens, but at the same time, those faucets have some advantages of function.”