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Homeowners who locked in ultra-low mortgage rates at the start of the pandemic are opting to stay put and upgrade their existing homes rather than selling and entering into the opposite end of the for-sale market as buyers. Transforming old kitchens with flawed, outdated floor plans into beautiful, livable spaces not only boosts a home’s return on investment (ROI) but also improves organization and comfort, making these spaces a prime target for home renovation projects.

Opening kitchen spaces into the primary living area is the most common way to update a home’s layout, but that likely translates into an extensive remodeling project that involves removing load-bearing walls and adding beams. Simple additions such as creating more storage can keep clutter off counters, and spacious walk-in pantries can make up for a lack of overhead cabinets, says Housing Design Matters.

There seems to be a small kitchen appliance for every scenario, but they clutter up our countertops – giving houses an upkept look.

But wait! Doesn’t the kitchen need to be functional and beautiful? Absolutely! This is where the inclusion of a Messy Kitchen is so needed. Messy Kitchens can simply be an alcove off the kitchen with cabinets and plentiful outlets.

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