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Knauf Insulation says its new JetSpray thermal insulation system is a spray-on glass mineral wool product that features stabilized fiber technology so it can be applied in a net-less, side-wall application.

An ideal option for residential, multifamily, or light commercial projects, “it installs easily around wiring and other wall obstructions, eliminating gaps to fill cavities completely while preventing settling,” the company says.

"The benefits to our contractor and builder partners are numerous, including an accelerated project schedule, streamlined setup and installation, and the confidence of knowing the home will provide years of sustainable comfort for the owner," says Shawn Dunahue, marketing director, residential, at Knauf.

JetSpray is different from other spray-on glass wool insulations on market, a company rep says, because it includes a water-activated adhesive that prevents settling and gives added assurance that the product will remain in place once installed. JetSpray dries within 24 hours, and drywall can be installed the next day, the company adds.

Additionally, the company says glass fibers are mold-resistant and do not support microbial growth. Plus, the excess material is scrubbed from the wall during installation, vacuumed, and reused, which maximizes every bag of insulation and saves resources and money.

JetSpray offers thermal and acoustic R-values of 15 when installed in a 2x4 wall cavity and R-23 in a 2x6 cavity. The company says adding the insulation to wall cavities can also reduce sound transmission up to 5 STC points.