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Kolbe Windows & Doors has recently announced a strategic partnership with LuxWall, known for its innovative work with glass. The collaboration aims to introduce vacuum insulating glass (VIG) as a cutting-edge, high-efficiency glass option for designers, builders, and homeowners alike.

VIG is an innovative technology that incorporates a nearly airless space between two glass panes (ie, a vacuum). This unique design enables the glass to achieve insulating values comparable to traditional wall insulation methods. LuxWall’s VIG design, named Enthermal, is particularly impressive for its ability to substantially reduce heat gain from sunlight and heat loss from interior spaces, ultimately leading to decreased energy consumption and costs. Additionally, Enthermal has the potential to enhance acoustic performance compared to standard glass products.

LuxWall's development of Enthermal represents a significant advancement in glass innovation, as it is fully tempered and the first VIG product manufactured in America.

“LuxWall has made remarkable progress in developing effective, reliable, and visually appealing vacuum glass technology," says Jeff DeLonay, president of Kolbe. "We are excited to collaborate with them at this pivotal moment in their growth and are eager to offer this innovative option to our energy-conscious customers in the residential market.”

Enthermal stands out from other high-efficiency glass technologies, such as triple-pane glass, due to its significantly thinner and lighter profile. These characteristics open up a range of potential applications, not only in new construction but also in residential renovation and historical retrofit projects.

LuxWall CEO Scott Thomsen praised Kolbe as the ideal partner to introduce this advanced glass performance to the North American market, emphasizing Kolbe’s commitment to quality and performance. "Kolbe is the perfect partner to introduce a whole new level of glass performance to the North American market." 

LuxWall’s Enthermal will be integrated as a glass option in select Kolbe products, with availability expected later this spring.