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Architectural hardware manufacturer Krownlab debuted its first-ever sliding shower door system, called Rorik.

Originally developed for heavy-use hospitality projects, the system is also deal for custom homes and high-end apartments because it's configured to fit almost any shower design.

“As hospitality has become one of Krownlab’s most actively growing market segments, it was only natural we would create a shower door system built for hotels,” says Stefan Andrén, Krownlab founder and CEO. “The Rorik system is as durable as it is modern and provides an incredibly low-profile aesthetic for any bathroom.”

The Rorik system surpasses ADA pull-force requirements on door panels of any size, the company says, so it can be moved easily with a single finger. And because of the lateral rigidity, the track can be installed at heights of 6 feet 5 inches and taller (depending on door size). It also can be installed to accommodate up to 36-inch openings.

Among Rorik’s other features are adjustment options to ensure faster, perfect installations, the company says. The track is designed to be both cut and drilled in the field with commonly available tools. And the Tru-Level System gives a ¼ inch of adjustment at each mounting point. The door-panel adjustment feature allows the system to be raised or lowered at each bearing by 1/8 inch. “This gives installers the ability to tilt the panel to accommodate shower walls that are up to 3/8” out-of-plumb,” the company says.

It’s available in brushed or black stainless finishes.