Landlords Scramble to Comply With NYC Council’s Climate Mobilization Act

By Peter Fabris | February 5, 2020
Paperwork Filling out
Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

New York City landlords are under pressure to get their paperwork in order to meet the requirement of the City Council’s Climate Mobilization Act (CMA). The Act was passed last year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve efficiency for commercial and residential buildings larger than 25,000 sf. Failure to comply may result in some steep fines.

Owners of non-compliant buildings are feeling the pressure to resolve outstanding issues, which could require new HVAC equipment, new roofs, new windows, and potentially new facades in certain buildings. A New York architect advises an approach that combines compliance this law and with Local Law 11.

That measure requires façade safety measures to protect pedestrians walking past buildings, according to the city’s Façade Safety Inspection Program. Remediation work done can create compliance with both laws.

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