Learn the Art of Selling a Home Using Floor Plans

May 4, 2020
Floor Plan
By Andrey Popov

Once you are confident in reading floor plans and all their symbols, one of the most important ways to use a floor plan to sell a home is to show a client what the plan doesn’t reveal at first glance, according to Housing Design Matters. Builders can explain how the design limits unwanted noises with sound buffers, how sight lines will make the home seem bigger, and how windows are carefully placed to allow maximum natural light. Even small details, such as where the plumbing will go, can help a client envision their future life in a home––sans constantly hearing a toilet flushing on volume level 10.

Last week, we talked about understanding the floor plan basics – What all those crazy dashed lines mean, etc. Armed with the knowledge of reading floor plans, now comes the fun part – selling the plan. So let’s talk about the plan nuances that will not only make the plan come to life in the eyes of your buyers, but also differentiate your plans from the competition.

What are the plan nuances I am talking about? Simple, all the thing your buyers cannot hear or see just looking at the plan.

There are two kinds of acoustics in a house that I’d like to focus on. The first is isolating unwanted noises. The second is to discover which sounds are desired. Both are important on how the plan will live, but most buyers are completely unaware of these nuances.

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