Live Around the World With ‘Roam’

May 11, 2016

For anyone out there with itchy feet, a new network of co-living spaces known as “Roam” allows you to sign a lease and continually move from location to location, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘small world.’ After living for as short as a week or as long as a few months in Madrid, you can then relocate to Miami or Ubud, Bali. By 2017, Roam hopes to have around eight to 10 locations around the world to choose from with the ultimate goal of being in every major city in the world, Co. Exist reports.

The startup is designed for people with the ability to work remotely and who have enough financial security to pay for their own airfare to travel from place to place. Currently, the startup’s founder, Bruno Haid, estimates that about 1.2 million people have this combination of money and ability to work remotely to take advantage of this lifestyle. This includes young, single freelancers all the way up to empty nesters who want to travel the world for a few years.

When arriving at each location, people can expect to find co-living communities consisting of dozens of people, enough to feel like a community. And while each person will get their own bedroom and bathroom, large communal spaces, like chef-quality kitchens, will be available.

The ultimate goal is to make the nomadic lifestyle of traveling from city to city less lonely. Instead of it taking a couple of weeks to settle into a new city, the co-living arrangements hope to considerably shorten the amount of time it takes to acclimate. To this point, while it is possible to book for a week or a month ($500 and $1,800 respectively) the company prefers people stay longer to better foster a shared community, something it believes most cities lack.

A key point for Roam is that the company is not catering to people just looking for a vacation; it is for digital workers who will continue their daily jobs, whatever they may be, throughout the duration of their stays.

In addition to Madrid, Miami, and Bali, Roam just raised another $3.4 million to expand to London and Buenos Aires.

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