Luxe Home Buyers' Top 10 Wants

High-end buyer wants run the gamut from luxurious showers to sticker murals in kids' rooms

By Susan Bady, Senior Contributing Editor | February 6, 2015
Outdoor entertaining space

According to a recent Redfin report, sales of homes priced over $1 million steadily increased in 2014, outpacing the rest of the housing market. Here are the top 10 features that well-heeled buyers want. (Scroll down to see some examples of these luxe trends.)

1. Luxurious showers: According to Redfin, most luxury-home buyers don’t use their bathtubs. They’d rather spend their money on well-appointed showers with multiple showerheads. Photo: Etco Homes

2. Fire pits by pools

3. Tasting rooms

4. White kitchen cabinets: Natural-colored wood kitchen cabinets are out. White, gray, or black cabinets with matching or contrasting countertops are in. Photo: Vic Moss



5. Quartz countertops

6. Beautiful powder rooms



7. Neutral dining rooms: The new norm for the dining room is now a dark wood table with white chairs and a neutral paint. Often the only splashes of color are in the place settings or the art on the walls. Photo: Caroline James Photography 

8. Sticker murals in kids’ rooms

9. Outdoor kitchens with fireplaces (see lead image)

10. Natural-looking pools 



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