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Luxxbox, a leading international designer of acoustic and flexible solutions, is excited to introduce Cono, a unique acoustic light fixture offering powerful noise absorption capabilities with a contemporary PET cone structure.

The playful contrast of its cone-shape, distinctive black finial, and upholstered textural wool finish adds character to any room. Perfectly marrying sound control and illumination into one multi-purpose product, Cono is offered in multiple output options, including a glass-diffused ambient light source. The conical shape also optimises acoustic performance, lowering the volume in open spaces. Use as a singular design statement or install enmass for added personality. 

Available in 2 sizes (60"/1500mm and 37.4"/950mm in diameter) and 51 beautiful exterior colorways for a truly customizable look. The pendant is crafted from premium New Zealand wool and PET material, which is a dense polyester fiber that is manufactured from recycled plastics. Similar to all of Luxxbox's product portfolio, Cono is fully recyclable at the end of life. 

“When designing Cono, we wanted to create a unique and playful cone acoustic pendant,” said Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director of Luxxbox. “We played with form and new materials, contrasting the textural outer wool finish with the sculpted black finial. Recognising that designers need flexibility in light source based on the environment there is the option for the pendant to have either a fine-crafted glass diffuser. The end result is a contemporary acoustic pendant that fuses sound absorption and functional lighting in one striking solution.”

Quality space and noise-management solutions make for happy environments. Luxxbox's acoustic lighting, baffles, and furniture products turn down the volume to increase productivity, creating happy, healthy workspaces the world over. To learn more about Luxxbox, please visit