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ATLANTA — LX Hausys America Inc., a manufacturer of building and decorative materials, is introducing a new porcelain surface brand, TERACANTO. Inspired by the Earth’s magnificent natural beauty and the transcendent sounds of harmonious music, TERACANTO offers exceptional design versatility while bringing luxurious looks for residential and commercial applications. TERACANTO joins LX Hausys’ other surface brands—HIMACS Solid Surface and VIATERA Quartz Surface—to bring enhanced, high-end design options to its customers. 

Manufactured in Italy without resins, fillers or additives and made with 100% natural ingredients, TERACANTO’s six colors are Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extreme, Statuario Bianco, Arabescato Royale, Cristallo and Pietra Gray. Each color expertly resembles the organic look and feel of exquisite natural stone. Featuring superior strength and durability, TERACANTO is an ultra-compact, lightweight material that is non-porous and safe for food contact. Easy to maintain, it is resistant to heat, scratches and chemical absorption. Due to its organic composition, TERACANTO is UV resistant; its colors will not fade or become altered by the sun, atmospheric agents or smog. 

TERACANTO’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for horizontal or vertical applications for either indoor or outdoor design projects. Applications can range from countertops and showers to furniture, fireplaces, statement walls, flooring, exterior cladding and more.

“TERACANTO perfectly marries luxury design and versatility with innovative manufacturing,” said LX Hausys America president, SK Lee. “From the beautiful look and feel of each color, to its strength and easy maintenance, customers can easily achieve the vision and functionality they desire. TERACANTO works just as well for a high-end bath vanity or spa as for an outdoor cladding installation. We are excited to add this new porcelain surface option to our existing solid surface and quartz surface portfolio to provide more choices for our customers.”   

Developed exclusively by LX Hausys America’s design team and utilizing the industry’s most advanced 600 dpi high-resolution capabilities, TERACANTO’s six colors feature patterns and colors ranging from warm and inviting to bold and provocative. Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extreme, Statuario Bianco and Cristallo come in a Polished Finish with an enhanced scratch-resistant coating. Pietra Gray comes in a Matte Finish, while Arabescato Royale is available in a Satin Finish. All TERACANTO colors come in a full-size slab format of 63” x 126” and 1.2 cm thickness. Calacatta Gold is also available in a 2 cm thickness with Thru Vein Technology that allows the slab to show vein patterns through the body that look natural even on their edges. Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extreme and Statuario Bianco can be bookmatched to offer even greater visual design interest.  All TERACANTO colors are 100% recyclable.

Details for TERACANTO Colors

Calacatta Gold – Perfectly balanced veins of rich gold and cool gray sweep across a polished white base, creating a refined, alluring, and classic aesthetic. Featuring the sophistication of Calacatta marble in lightweight porcelain, Calacatta Gold is the perfect accompaniment for luxurious indoor and outdoor applications. Calacatta Gold comes 1.2 and 2 cm thick slabs, and the 2 cm slabs feature Thru Vein Technology to provide a clear definition of the veins moving through the entire full-size slab resulting in a cohesive, natural look.

Calacatta Extreme – Make a statement with Calacatta Extreme’s expressive gold and gray veining. Generous displays of thick, bold lines expand across a polished white background, adding a sense of movement and drama ideal for feature walls and vivid environments that are both inviting and memorable.

Statuario Bianco – Taking inspiration from the rare and highly coveted Statuario marble, Statuario Bianco offers quintessential and timeless elegance. Its subtle gray veining strikes the perfect note against the polished white background. Understated yet captivating, Statuario Bianco enhances design styles ranging from traditional and modern to art deco and more. 

Arabescato Royale – Achieve the look of urbane sophistication with Arabescato Royale. Swirls of earthy gray and neutral lines merge into large-scale spherical patterns that stand out against a natural white background. With a smooth Satin Finish and uniquely distinctive appearance, Arabescato Royale makes an exquisite statement in vertical applications.

Cristallo – Cristallo brings a soft, warming glow to interior and exterior spaces. Like rays of sunlight gently peeking through a foggy sky, golden specs and subtle veining appear across a creamy gray background to soothe and uplift the spirit. Cristallo adds a touch of luxury to multiple design styles, including industrial and modern.

Pietra Gray – Pietra Gray takes modern sophistication to a new level, starting with the perfect shade of neutral gray and adding just enough delicate and expressive white veining. At once striking and tranquil, with a smooth Matte Finish and subtle texture, it’s the perfect indoor or outdoor surface material for urban, modern, and eclectic environment.

TERACANTO can be shipped with LX Hausys’ VIATERA products to facilitate easy delivery.

Architects, designers, fabricators and other trade professionals wanting more information or samples, can visit