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Vaccination rates for construction workers have fluctuated below 60% since July, far below the vaccination rate for all other occupations, which is now above 80%, according to Construction Dive. As discussions surrounding vaccine mandates generate increased tension in the workplace, seventy-five percent of unvaccinated workers are reportedly considering leaving their jobs if health standards are put into effect.

Despite the implications that unvaccinated workers could face as a result of pending mandates, an ongoing labor shortage may allow many tradesmen to continue working with or without a vaccine.

Even if unvaccinated construction workers are forced to choose between working and getting the jab, Thompson said the choice is a simple one for them.

"Those who are opposed to the vaccination for one reason or another are going to be drawn to the jobsites that do not require you to have it," Thompson said. "The industry has exponentially more construction projects than workers."

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