Masterplans With Amenities Like Velodromes, Zip Lines, And Polo Fields Sell The Fastest

October 6, 2016

People dread taking the stairs, but not at The Meadows, a masterplan in Denver. Residents use the 200-step hillside outdoor staircase for exercise.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting ranked the 50 top-selling communities and noted the most impressive, and kookiest, amenities.

The list includes zoos, gardens, and a “crystal lagoon,” a man-made lake for swimming and boating. An Orlando masterplan has both the U.S. Tennis Association National Campus and the soccer training facility for Orlando City SC, a MLS club.

Lake Nona attracted USTA’s new tennis headquarters with 102 tennis courts! The masterplan offers sports enthusiasts a chance to play in world-class training facilities and attracts families of the top tennis and soccer players in the nation.

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