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November 30, 2008

Rheem's RTG-66X
Cold Gets Rheemed

With inputs ranging from 11,000 BTU/hour to a broiling 180,000 BTU/hour, Rheem's RTG-66X is capable of delivering hot water goods at a continual flow rate between 5 and 8.4 gallons per minute, depending on temperature. At only 23-5/8 inches high, 13-7/8 inches wide, and 8-7/8 inches deep, the petite RTG-66X takes up no more space than a medicine cabinet. Booth N2617

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Generac's XP line (model XP8000E)
Max Power

Generac recently released new models in the GP and XP portable generator lines. The XP line (model XP8000E shown) is engineered for high performance in the toughest job-site conditions. The units have oversized full-wrap frame tubing and impact-resistant corners to prevent damage from rough handling. Booth N2603

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Wayne-Dalton's Z-Wave Thermostat
HVAC Access Granted

Wayne-Dalton's new Z-Wave Thermostat allows homeowners to manage their heating and cooling needs with the push of a button. Temperature control can be accessed through front-panel buttons on the unit itself or remotely from any Z-Wave enabled remote control, computer or cell phone. It helps keep homeowners' budgets lower, thanks to easy energy conservation and pre-set temperature modes. Booth C4465

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Tamarack's Airetrak Advantage
Aire Force One

Tamarack's Airetrak Advantage can be programmed to operate the bathroom fan intermittently or continuously throughout the day at variable speeds or full speed to keep indoor air quality issues at bay. Breathe easier, friends. Booth N1076

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Maxitrol's Plug1 gas outlet
It's a Gas

People get nervous, naturally, when it comes to handling gas lines. Allay those fears with Maxitrol's Plug1 gas outlet. Homeowners can safely and confidently connect and disconnect gas appliances by pushing a standard gas plug into the Plug1 and switch the gas on. Gas, either natural or propane (LP), is now safely and efficiently supplied to the appliance. Booth N2617

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SunSource by Lennox
People of the Sun

Don't be surprised if you start seeing products like these pop up everywhere in the next few years. Lennox's SunSource integrates solar power by using a single 190-watt solar panel that provides power tfor the fan motor that moves air across the outdoor coil, a critical component in any home comfort system. Way cool. Booth C6513

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Raypak's Millivolt
The Anti-Polar Bear Club

Raypak's Millivolt will run hot water faster and more efficiently through its All Copper Fin Tube Heat Exchanger system to heat spas and pools. Two-inch, slip-fit cPVC water connections make your installation secure and effortless. The company's original “pagoda top” design will keep the heater operating even in extreme wind conditions and downdrafts. Booth N2617

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Broan's SmartSense system
Smart Guy

Ultra Silent ventilation fans and SmartSense controls combine to form Broan's SmartSense system. Once installed, the products digitally communicate with each other over existing power lines in the home using Broan-NuTone's LinkLogic System. Installations are easier because no control wires are needed. Booth C5619

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Uponor's new Engineered Plastic Heating Manifold
Manly Manifold

Want to get into radiant heating solutions? Do your research on manifolds and tubing! Uponor's new Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold for radiant applications resists corrosion, pitting, scaling, elevated chlorine levels and ultraviolet light and is suitable for use under high-impact, heat and moist conditions. Booth C4441

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Viega's PureFlow PEX Press Fitting
Color-Coded Fun

If you're running a water line, radiant heating or residential fire sprinklers, try Viega's new PureFlow PEX Press Fitting. The fittings combine a traditional bronze fitting with an attached stainless steel press sleeve using a different color-coded ring in each of eight different dimensions, making it easier on your plumbers to help keep track of things. Booth C5619

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