Meet JIM — Helping Environmental StoneWorks Deliver A Customer Experience Second to None

February 3, 2014

Jobsite Install Manager tool improves jobsite efficiencies

JIM has been working for Environmental StoneWorks for the last three years. When project managers first got acquainted with JIM, some worried he would make performing daily tasks more complicated. Instead, JIM won them over and showed everyone how his applications could make completing daily work a breeze — all by using their smartphone.


JIM is Environmental StoneWorks’ Jobsite Install Manager tool that improves jobsite efficiencies and much more. With so many jobsites to oversee, so many crews to manage, and so many calls to answer, it’s very challenging for a project manager to do it all and be successful. Since JIM was launched, Environmental StoneWorks’ project managers can seamlessly manage all of their jobs effectively. Whether you’re opening a job, updating a job, performing a jobsite inspection, performing an RFM, assigning a labor crew to a new job, or closing a completed job — it can all be done at the jobsite or from the seat in a truck. The point is, completing standard work no longer has to be done at a desk with a laptop or with paper.

“What I like most about JIM is that I can attach important files to a job,” says Environmental StoneWorks’ Project Manager Kort Anderson. “If I have important communication with customers or a sales manager, I can save my notes and emails as PDFs and attach them to the job for later reference. If I have an RFM that needs to be referred to, I attach it to the job. If one of my crews has a safety violation or near miss, I can take a photo of the incident and attach it to the job. JIM is an awesome tool that helps me be more efficient at what I do for our customers.”

When asked what future upgrades are in store for JIM, Environmental StoneWorks’ Information Technology Director Robert Stone says, “Punch items, labor tickets, customer reports providing regular job updates, sign-off documents and more, to name just a few. Whatever will make our people in the field more efficient at handling their workload so they can deliver a customer experience second to none, my team and I will be writing the code to make it happen.”