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Atlanta-based manufacturer Meridian Brick has introduced a new thin brick product measuring a little more than a ½ inch so it offers design flexibility for applications inside and outside in new construction or renovation.

Authintic Brick is a genuine, classic brick that is made from 100 percent fired clay but measures only 5/8 inches thick. Significantly lighter in weight, it is easier to install, transport, and handle than typical brick.

“Once considered heavy and cumbersome, Authintic Brick ushers in a new era as the industry looks toward thin brick,” says Paul Samples, CEO of Meridian Brick. “The trend shows no sign of stopping as thin brick makes the transition from an interior accent piece to exterior design statement. As homeowners continue to realize the limitless uses of this versatile product, we’ll see thin brick take off.”

The manufacturer says Authintic Brick measures 3 inches thinner than traditional brick, weights 70 percent less than traditional brick, and comes in colors and profiles that can be easily mixed with other façade or cladding materials. Moreover, it comes in a variety of in-stock colors, with more than 200 made-to-order options and can be used on ceilings, exterior gables, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and more.

Founded in 2016, Meridian Brick is a joint venture between Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick.

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