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By Ed Tobie, Vice President of Construction, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. | July 31, 2005

Quality Stone Veneer


Since 1976, Quality Stone Veneer has captured the elegance of natural stone with durable manufactured stone veneer. Stone veneer is cast from quarried stone found only in Pennsylvania's historic Lancaster County. This area's architectural heritage provides the basis for the textures, shapes and hues replicated in Quality Stone Veneer's products. These products are manufactured for all types of residential applications, including interiors and exteriors, as well as small and large projects. Circle No. 125

In My Own Words

"By giving our buyers the look, feel and texture of stone, this product excels. Available in virtually any type of look, it can be customized to the application, while the supplies are unlimited. Because it is manufactured, our buyers are assured consistent quality, with the same look as Mother Nature, but at a lower cost. At the same time, we are assured of a cost-effective product that saves installation time and helps us meet our schedules, thanks to the limitless supply available to us."

ProPress Plumbing System


The ProPress System was brought to the U.S. market through a collaborative effort by Ridge Tool Company and Viega, two of the world's most recognized names in plumbing. Viega manufactures the ProPress fittings; Ridge Tool, the RIDGID pressing tools used to install these fittings.

The ProPress System allows just one squeeze of a trigger to make a connection on any size tubing in just four seconds. With no flame, there's less chance for heat damage. Installers can even join web tube, making it ideal for service. The system provides a strong, reliable, watertight seal. Installed properly, the high-strength connection will last the life of the tubing system.. ProPress is designed to handle tubing in diameters ranging from half-inch to four inches. Installers can easily switch sizes in about 10 seconds simply by changing the jaws or rings. Circle No. 126

In My Own Words

"We recently used this technique in constructing one of several clubhouses. The innovative 'crimping' system of making pipe joints virtually guarantees a 'no-leak' installation. The system also eliminates the variables of solder, flux and heat for the plumber and performs with consistency — in more than 1,000 joints used in this clubhouse, we experienced zero leaks. By virtually eliminating leaks, being cost effective is a no-brainer."

Capital Windows


Capital Windows offers a wide range of designs, styles and options of high-quality, direct-fix aluminum window and door systems. As an established supplier and commercial contractor, Capital Windows is the choice of many trade professionals and businesses. Circle No. 127

In My Own Words

"Offering Capital Windows, we believe, gives us an advantage as a builder and gives our buyers a product they can depend upon for lasting performance. By having coil-spring balances, dual locks at the meeting rail and a continuous head and sill along with a welded main frame, the window performs to a high standard. It offers easy sash-and-glass removal for loading drywall, as well as changing parts. Another advantage for our buyers is the 7/8-inch insulated glass, as opposed to the 3/4-inch or 5/8-inch sizes offered by other manufacturers. Installation seminars and training of our staff are performed jointly by the manufacturer and the supplier, Builders Prime."

AdvanTech Sub Floor


AdvanTech flooring and sheathing panels from Huber Engineered Woods are specifically engineered to provide more water resistance and stability than plywood. Carrying a 50-year limited warranty, these high-performance structural panels are warranted not to require sanding due to moisture absorption during installation. AdvanTech panels are bonded with an advanced resin technology system. Tests by U.S. Forest Products Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have found formaldehyde emissions from panels bonded with phenolic resin to be nonexistent or negligible. Circle No. 129

In My Own Words

"AdvanTech outperforms the competition, delivering advantages to us as a builder and providing our buyers with a 50-year warranty. The product lays flat, resists moisture and never needs to be sanded. It is listed in Greenguard as a low-emitting indoor air quality product. Combining these features with a tried-and-true floor truss system not only makes this product cost-effective, but gives our buyers the quality they expect from Mignatti."

Musty Basement Solution


Musty Basement Solution (MBS), a state-of-the-art humidity-ventilation system for installation in basements and crawlspaces, is designed to combat excess humidity and poor ventilation. As a result, the system helps eliminate related problems, such as damp musty air, odors, mold and mildew, window condensation, pipes sweating, dry rot, etc. Accurate to within 1 percent RH, the unit's electronic humidity sensor constantly monitors the level of humidity, while the electronic circuit board automatically controls the unit, including the whisper-quiet fan, which operates at a rate of up to 220 CFM. MBS offers a money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction and comes with a five-year warranty on all parts. Circle No. 128

In My Own Words

"Although being cost-effective is an important part of our business, the welfare of our customers is our primary concern. In fact, we don't consider the well being of our buyers to be a dollar issue.

"In recent years, mold and indoor air quality have understandably become important issues. Our staff has been trained in identifying and properly addressing mold.

"To be proactive, we install a Humivent Ventilation System [Musty Basement Solution's original name] as a standard item in all our basements. It has distinct advantages over a store-bought dehumidifier or even those offered by most manufacturers.

"First, it is electrically hard-wired, which means no plugs that can become disconnected.

"Additionally, it offers silent operation, provides constant air movement, does not need to be emptied or monitored, and operates on pennies a day. It assures our buyers of a clean, safe environment in which to live."

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