Mike Holmes Chooses LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener for His “Ultimate Garage”

By LiftMaster | August 28, 2015

When home-renovation expert Mike Holmes (from Holmes on Homes® and, most recently, Home Free®) needed a garage door opener for his two-part special, Mike’s Ultimate Garage, he chose the LiftMaster® 8500 Elite Series® Wall Mount Garage Door Opener—which offered the space-saving and security benefits that were important to Mike.

A whopping 1,850 square feet, Mike’s state-of-the-art “Ultimate Garage” houses some of the coolest gadgetry and cutting-edge technologies out there. A wall-mount opener gave Mike exactly what he needed for his dream garage—clear ceiling space to accommodate car lifts, added security features to prevent intrusions and so much more. Plus, it just looked cool!

  • SPACE-SAVING WALL-MOUNT DESIGN Conveniently mounted on the side of the door, the wall-mount opener provided the necessary overhead space in Mike’s garage bays to install car lifts, as well as room in other bays to be able to pull in tall vehicles without interference from a conventional ceiling-mount opener.
  • POWER LOCK DEADBOLT The power lock deadbolt that automatically engages when the garage door closes provided Mike’s “Ultimate Garage” with an extra layer of protection to thwart potential intruders, keeping valuable vehicles and equipment safe and secure.
  • MyQ® TECHNOLOGY With the MyQ App, Mike is always connected to his “Ultimate Garage”—he can open and close his garage doors from anywhere using just his smartphone. Plus, Mike can receive text messages when the garage doors remain open for a preset amount of time and let in guests or service personnel when he’s not home.
  • BATTERY BACKUP The wall-mount opener is also Battery Backup capable, so Mike can access his garage even during a power outage. This functionality allows for an additional 20 full cycles on standby power.

The MyQ-Enabled LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener gave Mike exactly what he needed to create his “Ultimate Garage”—and it can give builders a smart, profitable alternative to an overhead ceiling-mount unit.

By offering the wall-mount opener as an upgrade to homebuyers, builders can provide a sleek, durable product that not only saves storage space but helps keep the garage safe and secure.



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