Millennial Buyers Are Intrigued By Minimalist McModern Homes

August 8, 2017

Though they are a welcome contrast from the suburban McMansions of last decade at first glance, modern-style homes have their pitfalls.

Business Insider reports that minimalist McModern homes are gaining popularity with tech-savvy, college-educated Millennial homebuyers, especially in liberal cities along the coasts.

The homes feature vertical or horizontal lines and lots of natural light, and their clean designs are inspired by famous architects including Frank Lloyd Wright.

McModern homes, as they are derisively nicknamed, still give buyers and design aficionados the same sour taste that McMansions do.

Unlike most modernist homes, McModerns are usually not made by individual architects, but by home-building companies that use pattern books. Similar to the McMansion, the McModern is a single-family home constructed from cheap materials, like vinyl and stucco board.

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