Milwaukee, Pittsburgh Among Metros With The Best Social Scenes

August 29, 2016

In a tech-driven world, Milwaukee stands out due to its book clubs, bars, and volunteer organizations — all of which makes the Wisconsin city a great place for people to make friends. ranked the top 10 metros for finding new pals, based on how much access strangers have to one another in public areas. The site also factored in access to bars, bookstores, gyms, churches, service clubs, and other places where folks can strike up a conversation.

The list boasted some popular cities, including Austin, Texas, which ranked first. The city has more adult Meetup groups than any other place, and its warm climate allows for outdoor activities. Another city in the top 10 was Pittsburgh, at No. 4. The Steel City is rich with bars, libraries, service clubs, churches, and colleges and universities.

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