Modern Farmhouse Is Out, Industrial Is In

November 5, 2019
Industrial Pipes
Photo by tian kuan on Unsplash

Interior design is going through an industrial revolution. Elements of the industrial farmhouse such as concrete sinks, black fixtures, and open concept designs are overtaking the modern farmhouse’s white tones and neat look.  

The modern farmhouse style, popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines on "Fixer Upper," is at long last losing its luster among homeowners. So what's taking its place? Its more urban cousin: industrial farmhouse!

That's according to new research by Wayfair Professional in partnership with Pinterest, where they tracked which materials and finishes people are searching for most on their sites. The hottest trends to date? Black fixtures (searches up 53% since last year), tin tiles and accessories (up 59%), and concrete farmhouse sinks (up 93%).

While modern farmhouse includes lots of white and shiny stainless surfaces, industrial farmhouse features more burnished finishes, darker mixed metals, and live-edge wooden pieces (a style where the edges aren't straight, but show the shape that the tree would naturally take).

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