Moisture Performance Of High-R Wall Systems Study Seeks Qualified Builders

March 11, 2016

Home Innovation Research Labs is looking for qualified builders of new homes for a field monitoring study with the purpose of developing a better understanding of moisture performance for high-R wall systems.

Part of the study will require sensors to be installed in walls to measure the moisture content, relative humidity, and temperature of the wood frame and materials. The study is focusing on wall systems with R-values of 20 and higher in airtight, high performance homes located in Climate zone 4 or higher. There is no cost to the builders who participate and the builder names will not be disclosed in the final report.

Among the responsibilities of builders willing to participate are to install all the sensors and the data acquisition module, communicate with the homeowners as needed, provide building plans to Home Innovation Research Labs prior to construction, and Complete the Design and Construction Documentation Form for each home chosen for the study.

Home Innovation Research Labs will provide all the necessary equipment and information for installation. For information about the study or to fill out a contact form follow the link below.

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