The Most Frequent Complaints From New York City And San Francisco Residents

January 18, 2017

While they can be pleasant and picturesque places to call home, New York City and San Francisco have plenty of blemishes.

Trulia sifted through a year’s worth of calls made to 311, the hotline for municipal non-emergency requests or complaints, to see what rankles residents in both cities. New Yorkers grouse about noisy neighbors, blocked driveways, and crumbling roads, while San Franciscans gripe about graffiti, garbage, and illegal homeless encampments.

While many of the problems residents note in these complaints may seem to be part and parcel of city living, they do come at a time when living in New York or San Francisco is cost-prohibitive for many. New York has the seventh highest median home price in the nation at $621,000 and 14th highest median rent at $2,322. San Francisco, of course, leads the nation with a median home price of $1.13 million and monthly median rents of $4,462, a 50.7% increase from five years ago.

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