Most Popular Home Features of 2015

Fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and covered patios were among the must-haves for homebuyers this year.

December 21, 2015
Most Popular Home Features of 2015
Most Popular Home Features of 2015

Fireplaces of all kinds were quite popular in 2015. Gas, stone, wood-burning, and brick fireplaces were all selling points for homebuyers. ranked the 20 most common home features as mentioned in their listings. While various flooring stand-bys like wood, carpet, and tile ranked highly, so did trendier, more luxurious features like chef’s kitchens and garden tubs. 

“Rather than a barometer of trends, these are really adoption cycles,” Javier Vivas, data analyst at, said. “It’s more about how long it takes a particular new feature to become prevalent. It’s like car technology: First you see the cutting-edge stuff in luxury cars, then it spreads into the mainstream.”

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