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Switching from tubs to showers just got a lot easier now that MTI Baths has released a new shower base that is a solution for people remodeling a bathroom but find the original drain pipe does not align with where they need it. 

Baths with narrower bases than the desired shower pose a unique problem to remodelers, the company says: either it is offset or the pipes need to be rerouted. But with the new shower base design, it is possible to save the shower’s aesthetics without disturbing the old piping.

MTI Baths originally designed the 6036 Shower Base for a Las Vegas hotel that was remodeling its bathrooms. “A lot of hotels are replacing their tubs with showers because people who stay in these particular properties are staying for one night or two nights,” Kronowa says. “They want to shower for quick hygiene. They don’t have time to relax for a half hour in a soaking tub.”

But the shower base is ideal for remodeling situation in homes and condos. The base’s main feature is a hidden drain system with  a stainless steel cover that creates the visual of it being centered, the company explains. Under the drain cover lies the original off-set drain in a recessed rectangle that still routes the water into the original drain pipes. In most cases, this eliminates the need to cut into the floor and reposition the pipes. The cut in the base for the original drain can be specified on either the right or left side. 


“The real saving here in labor cost and time is that you don’t have to physically move the drain that is in the floor,” says Michael Kornowa, director of marketing for MTI Baths. “That’s where it gets really expensive if you have to move 6 inches.”

Customers can semi-customize the shower by choosing MTI’s Radiance integrated shower floor heating system or including a high-density foam that speeds up installation as it doesn’t need to be leveled and supported on site.


Measuring 60 inches by 36 inches, the base is made from Lucite cross-linked cast acrylic, so it’s durable and easy to clean. And it comes in white, bone, or biscuit in a glossy or matte finish. The price starts at $1,460.