On My Christmas List

Even a multimillion-dollar company has sugar plum dreams.

December 30, 2000

Perfect weather. Lots and lots of happy customers. An official president of the United States. Are these things too much to ask for this Christmas?

Engle Homes Arizona president Mark Upton hopes not, because these things and a whole lot more are on his Christmas wish list.

Upton started the Arizona division of Engle Homes from square one in 1997 and says the division will do $140 million on more than 600 closings. Maybe that’s why he’s hoping for another year "or few years" like this one.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is ...


  • An Engle Homes hotlink on everyone's home page
  • Perfect weather
  • Really low interest rates
  • Painless conversion of all systems to Internet-based ... in the twinkle of an eye
  • Discovery of the cure for all computer viruses
  • Wide-band Internet access for everyone
  • To see the Sierra Club take a long hike ... to another country
  • An actual, official president of the United States
  • Happy, successful children who can buy me a condo in Vail
  • Happy, successful employees who can buy themselves and me a condo in Vail
  • Have a little of the high-tech PE ratios rub off on home builders' PEs
  • Lots and lots of happy cutomers
  • To be the best and achieve the highest levels of profit, return on capital and customer satisfaction
  • Health and happiness
  • Another year like this one!
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