In My Own Words: Fieldstone Communities

Richard Bunch, Vice President of Operations of Fieldstone Communities in Santa Clarita, Calif. gives us the top five products he won't build without.
By Nick Bajzek | March 31, 2007

Richard Bunch, Vice President of Operations of Fieldstone Communities in Santa Clarita, Calif. shares with readers the top five products he won't build without.

Hanson Truss

Designed to eliminate soffits, chases and dropped ceilings, the metal-plated open web floor trusses from Hanson Truss allows, according to the company, more space between the floors for HVAC and plumbing systems and a reduction in labor costs due to the product's easy installation. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"We have been very happy using Hanson Truss in our home designs. Soffits, chases and dropped ceilings are eliminated by installing open-web floor trusses. They allow a more flexible use of space for the design of the HVAC and plumbing systems between floors compared to a typical I-joist system, and they also cost less. The materials cost slightly more up front, but overall costs are lower because of a reduction in labor from the framer, plumber, electrician and HVAC contractor. There is no loss in other features such as the silent floor and span capabilities. In fact, you can design an open web truss system to have drag capabilities in lieu of beams."


TrexContours decking from Trex has a new grain pattern with a profile that is narrower by 5 inches and lighter, but requires the same spans and installation procedures as Trex 54 boards. It is available in two colors: Winchester grey and reddish-brown Madeira. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"Trex decking is a win-win product all around. It provides a maintenance-free surface, and it performs well under temperature fluctuations in the high desert, limiting our warranty claims. The other big winner is the environment. All of the Trex products are manufactured primarily from recycled materials, and that is something everyone can feel good about."

Rehau PEX Plumbing Systems

PEX plumbing systems from Rehau integrate the company's Raupex pipe and Everloc fittings for hot- and cold-water drinking systems. The piping is flexible and durable and, according to the company, resists the scaling and corrosion commonly experienced in conventional copper piping systems. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"Rehau's Pex polymer piping is a good alternative to traditional copper plumbing systems. It does not pit or corrode. Rehau's Everloc fitting system provides easy-to-install fittings. Since switching over to Pex, we have experienced a reduction in our plumbing costs and also anticipate a longer-term benefit in reduced warranty costs."

LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing

TechShield roof sheathing from LP adds a thin, durable layer of aluminum to traditional roof sheathing. Installed with the foil facing the attic, the aluminum reflects up to 97 percent, the company claims, of the sun's radiant heat away from the home, cooling attics up to 30 degrees on the hottest days. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"LP's TechShield Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing reduces attic temperatures during the summer months by as much as 30 degrees which can, in turn, reduce energy consumption for cooling by as much as 20 percent. A typical new home installation would cost about $0.30 per square foot and is estimated to pay for itself in approximately 24 months through a reduction of cooling costs."

Lasco Bathware

The Bathlock front-installation on Lasco Bathware's Remodeline model makes it easy, according to the manufacturer, to bring a new multi-piece shower right through the bathroom door. The Remodeline is available in two- or three-piece showers and tub/shower combinations in either Lucite cast acrylic or with a fiberglass-reinforced surface. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"The one piece tub/shower combinations from Lasco Bathware offer an economical alternative to the more traditional steel tub with tile shower surround while maintaining quality. The ease of installation saves days in our construction schedule, and the one- piece assembly reduces the opportunity for water penetration or leaks. From the homeowner's point of view, the cleaning and maintenance of these units is a breeze."

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