In My Own Words: Haven Properties

Mike Baptist, president of Haven Properties, Atlanta, shares a few of the product selections that his firm likes to use in the homes they build.
By By Nick Bajzek, Products Editor | July 31, 2007

Mike Baptist, president, Haven Properties, Atlanta

The F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner by Honeywell removes up to 98 percent of airborne particles passing through the system. The system creates an electrical charge on airborne particles and then collects them like a magnet, much like the consumer units commonly advertised. The system is also low-maintenance, requiring periodic cell washes by the homeowner. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"These purifiers are an integral part of every Haven Properties healthier, high-performance home. The four-inch pleated filters trap more particles and up to five times more pollutants than regular air filters. Our home buyers notice that they dust less frequently and their allergy symptoms improve, which says a lot in Atlanta's high-pollen environment. Plus, home buyers who have pets tell us they notice less pet fur in their homes."


Touted as clean, safe and green, the Zen Series of surfaces from Cosentino's Silestone Quartz line include five colors ranging from plum, brown and white. Named Satori, Haiku, Koan, Unsui and Gedatsu, the surfaces feature Microban protection and are certified safe for food preparation areas. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"Our home buyers like the look of the Silestone countertops, which can be manufactured to mimic all the popular styles and colors. What they like even better is the fact that Silestone countertops are more durable than most natural products, plus they're keeping germs at bay. The countertops are an integral part of 'The Cleaner Kitchen,' which we're proud to offer standard with every home we build."

Marvin Windows and Doors

Answering demand for large radius shapes, the Ultimate Double-Hung Magnum Round Top by Integrity by Marvin Windows and Doors is now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including elliptical, eyebrow and true radius sizes for double- and single-hung variations. Nineteen colors, several wood species and divided lites are also available. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"The right windows are important to create beautiful, light-filled homes while also maintaining comfort and reasonable energy consumption. Marvin windows answer homeowners' desires for style and also our requirements for high performance."

Delta Faucet Co.

Fitting the company's "shabby chic" and "sophisticated country" trend, the Talbott single-handle kitchen faucet from Delta features a recessed aerator in a one-hole, two-hole with side spray, three-hole without side spray and four-hole with side spray configurations. Finishes include chrome and Brilliance stainless. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"We choose Delta kitchen and bathroom fixtures because we know we can rely on them to deliver a broad selection of popular styles and finishes. In our kitchens, we use Delta's single-handle filtration faucet, which complements the design of our kitchens and provides bottled water quality with a Pür water filter."


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