In My Own Words: Jagoe Homes

The owner of Jagoe Homes talks about appliances, building material and softward solutions that they prefer.
By Scott Jagoe, Co-owner Owensboro, Ky. | December 31, 2006

GE Appliances

GE appliances, including the Monogram series of ovens, use the company's Precise Air Convection System fan that reverses direction for optimal air and heat circulation. For free information click here.

In My Own Words

"GE has great price points, cool features, durable products. An issue with a dishwasher came up — it was a starter home and we were using Brand X's first tier product. The homeowner complained the dishwasher didn't clean well. The service rep suggested another top tier dishwasher for more money would have been a better choice if she wanted clean dishes."


Schlage-Dexter deadbolts and handle sets provide enhanced security features that meet all ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 strength and performance standards. They're also backed by a 25-year mechanical warranty. Deadbolts have a 1-inch hardened steel core that resists kick-ins, a free-spinning metal cylinder collar to prevent prying attempts, and a drill-resistant faceplate. For free information, click here.

In My Own Words

"Door knobs are the one product in the home you touch on a daily basis. These solid, weather-resistant knobs come in any shape, size, color and style. Their product selection works in our production and custom homes."

Owens Corning

The Berkshire roofing shingles from Owens Corning are algae- and wind-resistant and come in eight natural slate colors and textures. coverage. For free information visit the Owens Corning website.  

In My Own Words

"Three reasons we offer Owens Corning Roofing: One, our customers have the choice of broad price point selection with a variety of color choices. Two, they are extremely quick with response to issues. Three, they help us manage the supply channels. It's the Pink Panther! Brand recognition! When it comes to insulation, their collaboration with us allows us to deliver an energy-efficient home."


Trane's line of HVAC products includes new highly energy-efficient models such as the XL19i air conditioner. For free information visit the Trane web site.

In My Own Words

"We have a long-term relationship with Trane. Our customer surveys report end user satisfaction."

Dynami Solutions


(*ed. Note: Jagoe and his firm are collaborators on Dynami)

Dynami Solutions business solution software allows for the coordination of schedules from every step of the building process. For free information visit the Dynami web site.

In My Own Words

"Dynami allows me to coordinate all non-construction activities with internal and external associates, from the time a prospect walks into the door through warranty."

The construction material that the owners of Jagoe Homes prefer to use

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