In My Own Words: Omega Homes

Avi Hornstein shares the products and materials that go into homes built by Omega Homes.
By Avi Hornstein, Owner, Vice President, Allentown, Pa. | September 30, 2006

Wirsbo Aquapex from Uponor

Corrosion-resistant Wirsbo Aquapex from Uponor is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), whose flexibility eliminates many of the joints necessary in rigid plumbing systems. PEX tubing has a life expectancy of more than 100 years when used under normal operating conditions. Circle # 125 or go to

In My Own Words

"With the rising cost of copper, we have switched almost exclusively to this product. By moving all our plumbing systems over to the Uponor Wirsbo product, we have been able to keep our plumbing material costs in line and actually saved on some of the labor. With the systems' point-to-point service, we eliminate the possibility of leaking joints inside ceilings and walls. Our energy-conscious home buyers love the quick delivery of hot water to the fixture."


TerraDrain sheet drains offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional drainage systems. TerraDrain 101 consists of a non-woven fabric attached to a polymeric dimpled core. TerraDrain 50 is a lighter version of the 101. TerraDrain 121 has a membrane backing compatible with soft waterproofing systems. TerraDrain 203 utilizes a heavier-duty core and high-strength woven fabric for horizontal applications. Circle # 126 or go to

In My Own Words

"Prior to our using TerraDrain — and no matter how successful a door installation was — we inevitably got complaints within the first year. Years later, water was seeping into the basement area where the slab meets the Bilco doorsteps. This product allows a small drainage plane underneath the slab and on top of the footer, giving the water somewhere to go instead of into the homeowner's basement. It is a cheap solution to a difficult problem.

UStec Wiring Systems


UStec provides homeowners with the wiring infrastructure they need to distribute and connect video, data and voice signals for home entertainment, home networking, home security and automation. The UStec infrastructure offers maximum flexibility, which means it won't tie homeowners to prescribed hardware and software solutions. Shown here, the ceLAN tecCenter cabinet, 2 by 2 tecWire and a 2 by 2 tecPlate. Circle # 127 or go to

In My Own Words

"Structured wiring offers superior performance over the 1950s-style wiring still used in many homes while eliminating the clutter of expose wiring. The installation of high-quality devices from UStec, along with superior wiring, gives our customers the ultimate performance from their present electronic equipment. This wiring network also permits the expansion with the bandwidth needed for future technologies while increasing the resale value of every home."

Merillat Cabinets

Merillat's Classic Somerton Hill is a full overlay-styled door with a raised panel that is ideal for glazed finishes. The glaze style replicates a time-worn, old-world look. Circle # 128 or go to

In My Own Words

"At Omega Homes, our top priority is exceeding our customers' expectations. Merillat Cabinets gives us that ability. Our home-owners love the wide range of products we offer, and Merillat gives us the tools and designs we need to meet homeowners' wide-ranging tastes."

Barricade Building Wrap

Covalence Coated Products's Barricade Building Wrap is made of perforated cross-woven polyolefin that allows moisture vapor to move out of a home, but not in. Its tear-stop design keeps it from blowing off the wall during construction on a windy day. The company's private-label program allows builders to advertise their company names and logos in any color. Circle # 129 or go to

In My Own Words

"Besides the great additional drive-by marketing we get from our personalized housewrap, Barricade Building Wrap delivers great protection and long-term performance. The product offers one-year UV resistance while minimizing energy-robbing air infiltration. That helps us build a quality product free of moisture problems."